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Transmission genetics labs are valuable for undergraduate development of analytical thinking skills. However, these labs typically present the scientific process as artificially linear, with a single "right answer." This resource describes an inquiry-based approach to teaching a transmission genetics lab focused on plant cotyledon color. Student groups are required to develop a hypothesis based on limited information, determine phenotype categories based on observation rather than given information, and use qualitative and chi-squared analysis to evaluate their hypotheses. Optional activities to further enhance the scientific thinking component of the project are also described.
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Keywords transmission genetics, scientific thinking, hypothesis development, qualitative data, Mendelian inheritance, chi-squared test, hypothesis evaluation, hypothesis refinement, collaboration
Key taxa tobacco, tomato, corn, sorghum, Brassica rapa, Arabidopsis thaliana
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Pedagogical Use Description This resource describes multiple ways to enhance the scientific thinking component of a transmission genetics lab project. The "core" lab project is described for the instructor, with an example of a worksheet for students and two grading rubrics to aid implementation. Several advanced options to extend or increase the challenge level of the project are described for the instructor. The pedagogical reasoning behind various options is described.
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