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Simulating Sampling Communities and Calculating Diversity Indices with Scrabble Game Tiles

Using tiles from a Scrabble game, we present methods to create simulations of sampling exercises and to develop diversity indices. The tiles represent species, and so a known sampling universe (100 tiles) allows comparing a sample with the known distribution of species. We then offer several variations to simulate different kinds of sampling (larger sample size, more samples), alter the rarity of species, and simulate the effect on diversity of an invasive species and the subsequent eradication of the invasive. Interactive data sheets are presented to make the calculations, and to allow the exercises to be completed in a 50-minute time period.
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Keywords sampling, species diversity, diversity index, simulation
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Pedagogical Use Description Provide an introduction to sampling, relating samples to an assemblage of species in a habitat, and comparing habitats. Complements and extends the resource on species accumulation curves.
Uniqueness Use of Scrabble tiles to represent species and the entire set to represent an assemblage of species in a habitat. Habitat complexity and increased diversity of species are represented by use of multiple tile sets.
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Full Name of Primary Author Robert N. Wiedenmann
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Primary Author Affiliation Department of Entomology
University of Arkansas
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Secondary Author Name(s) Joseph O'Neill, Doria Voorhees
Secondary Author Affiliation(s) Department of Entomology
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR 72701
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