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Socio-environmental Synthesis: Linking Biology and Political Science Courses to Assess Hydroelectric Dam Relicensing

    This module uses a “linked-classes” approach to teaching socio-environmental
    synthesis. A three-week (6 class) module is taught in two different classes (one
    in biology, one in policy studies). Students conceptualize and conduct research
    around a common focal question from specific stakeholder/expert positions. Our
    focal question was: “Should the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
    relicense the hydroelectric dams on the Cowlitz River? If so, should the dams be
    modified?” Using a two-step “jigsaw” approach, students first meet in their expert
    group, then are mixed with students from both classes and all expert groups
    together in a joint conference to address the original focal question. Students
    submit final written assignments demonstrating their contribution of
    expert/stakeholder knowledge and reflecting on the synthetic interaction in the
    Resource Group TIEE
    Resource Group Link
    Primary or BEN resource type
    Secondary resource type
    General Biology Core Concepts
    Discipline Specific Core Concepts
    Life science discipline (subject)
    Keywords abiotic factors, aquatic ecology, biocomplexity, biotic factors, community ecology, ecosystems, fisheries management, human impacts, landscape ecology, population ecology, stream ecology
    Intended End User Role
    Educational Language
    Pedagogical Use Description The linked classroom approach brings together students from different disciplines working on different class contents to work together on a socio-environmental synthesis project. This module could be used by any two instructors teaching two different courses, one in biology or environmental science and the other in policy studies, political science or environmental sociology.
    Primary Author Controlled Name
    Primary Author Affiliation School of the Environment and School of Biological Sciences
    Primary Author email
    Secondary Author Name(s) Paul Thiers
    Secondary Author Affiliation(s) School of Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs
    Rights Gretchen Rollwagen-Bollens and Paul Thiers. 10 April 2017, posting date. Socio-environmental Synthesis: Linking Biology and Political Science Courses to Assess Hydroelectric Dam Relicensing Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology, Vol. 12: Practice #4 [online].
    Date Of Record Submission 2017-11-22

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