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Botanical Core Concepts -- Structures and Processes -- Information Processing

View Resource Teaching Exponential and Logistic Growth in a Variety of Classroom and Laboratory Settings

Ecology and conservation biology contain numerous examples of populations growing without bounds or shrinking towards extinction. For these populations, the change in the number of individuals generally follows an exponential curve. On the other hand, limited resources may keep population numbers in check and help maintain the population at the environment's carrying capacity. These...


Publisher: EcoEd Digital Library

View Resource A quantitative investigations of plants expressing green fluorescent protein (GFP) using a home-made camera attachment

In this laboratory exercise students use digital cameras to measure surface fluorescence of transgenic plants expressing green fluorescence protein (GFP). Inquiry pedagogy is used to teach processes used in scientific investigations and how GFP is used in reporter gene systems. Students start by making observations involving induction of expression of a GFP expressing reporter gene and then...


Publisher: EvoEd Digital Library
PlantEd Digital Library